Gas Fitting

Our gas fitting services include the installation, repair and maintenance of gas systems for residential and commercial customers. Gas is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to electric hot water heating, and for cooking and household heating. You need a registered gas fitter for all gas related work to ensure it’s safe, reliable and legal.

If you believe you have a gas leak or an issue with your system, don’t hesitate to call us. We provide emergency repair services to keep people and property safe.

Contact us if you need help installing, maintaining or repairing you gas system.

Why install gas?

Gas is often a cheaper option for heating water than an electric hot water cylinder. The gas unit only heats water as it’s needed, supplying continuous hot water, rather than heating and maintaining the temperature of water held in the cylinder. For people without mains pressure, a gas hot water unit also allows mains pressure hot water, which means no more low pressure showers.

Contact us to discuss installing the right unit for your property.


Our gas fitting team has the capability to deliver large-scale commercial gas fitting solutions and regular maintenance. For any commercial installation, we provide accurate and competitive pricing, on-site project management and timely delivery.

Gas fitting services include:

  • Gas water heating supply, installation, repair and replacement.
  • Designing gas systems for new homes or commercial buildings.
  • Locating gas pipes prior to excavation work.
  • New gas installations.
  • Checking for leaks and repairing gas systems.
  • Routine maintenance for optimal performance.
  • Testing and certifying gas appliances and installations.
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