Drain laying

Our drain laying services include building and repairing drains, and fixing drainage issues for residential and commercial clients. Effective, free-flowing drains are essential for the removal of surplus water or liquid waste, which includes storm water and sewage. Our drainlayers can help you install new drains, repair old ones, and make nasty problems disappear.

You need a registered drainlayer if you want to lay new drains, alter existing drains or make repairs. Please contact us if you need help.

Blocked drains

You’ll know if you have a blocked drain as water drains slowly from showers or sinks, there’s a rotten egg smell or you hear gurgling in your plumbing. It pays to get blocked drains fixed quickly, as they present health concerns or can cause damage to your home or place of business.

Contact us if you need a drainage problem fixed urgently. We provide after hours emergency drainage services to get problems fixed fast.

Commercial drain laying

Our drain laying team has the staff and capabilities to deliver large-scale commercial drainage solutions. For any commercial installation, we provide accurate and competitive pricing, on-site project management and timely delivery.

Civil DrainLaying

We carry out civil drainage works for numerous councils and private developers offering design advice for sewer storm water reticulation and retention. We are also experts in on site wastewater treatment. 

Master plumbers guarantee

Turfrey is a member of Master Plumbers. All our work is backed by the Master Plumbers guarantee for quality workmanship.

Drain laying services include:

  • Drainlaying for new buildings.
  • Wastewater advice, design and installation.
  • Installing new manholes and sumps
  • Septic and Treatment Systems.
  • Civil drainage works.
  • Oil & Grit Interceptor Traps.
  • Extending or altering drainage systems.
  • Fixing blocked sewers.
  • Biolytix Wastewater Treatment Plants.
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